Team Sponsored Events.01 – Briscoe Awards

Today’s post is being compiled not only to share information, promote a great event, get the week started off on a good note and let you know something else TeamIBK prides itself in doing, it’s being posted everywhere to help me remember a few things.
Within the last day or two I heard back from my friend from school.  He confirmed with me that he is down to go to the Briscoe Awards with me on October 16.  The postcard below will be on hand and distributed to the young fighters we meet and their families.
The postcard will also be printed in the brochure handed out to guests.  (That’s what I’m talking about!)
Continuous Growth, Superior Nutrition, Endless Motivation and Support are just a few things we pride ourselves in.  GET SOME!

Check out our friends below to see who we are proud to know:  (


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