What’s in that tank?!

Raising that bar nonstop, CONTINUOUSLY notching up the heat, forging every trail.. are all creative synonyms for US MOVING FORWARD. We are a team and I could not be happier for you getting this far ahead of the game.
Just this past weekend the decals for our midget car racer, Kylie Grazioli’s TEAMIBK decals came in. They are going to remain sealed in the envelope until I meet with her father, to avoid damage. I cannot explain how excited I am to move forward on this new front. TEAMIBK’s postcards are in the mail as we speak and don’t worry whenever somebody asks Kylie’s pitcrew anything about their sponsor, they will get a high quality handout that explains how to get TEAMIBK behind them and in their corner.

This coffee is a nice wakemeup, but I’m looking forward to the day’s thermometer reading triple digits as soon as I start sipping today’s Spark. It’s Monday right? Ya, aka leg day..

Well, look forward in your mind’s eye. Working part time, calling on my Creativity and letting Willpower do its thing.. I’m setting myself up for a CAREER and LIFESTYLE of the RICH and FAMOUS.

Checking the recurring payment option while donating funds using www.SPONSORKYLE.com would be greatly appreciated . HOO-RAH!!!


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