Sunday Morning Futures (w/ Kyle Keech)

Aren’t you psyched to sweep the floors with the voices in the back of your head constantly taunting you to step up to the plate tomorrow morning?  I know I am.  That means you better get to bed early tonight.  It feels really good to be so excited for therapy.  “It’s all coming together buddy.”

Perhaps you missed last week’s rise to fame..  Let me just say yesterday concluded my 5 day work week.  I’ll also say the trouble walking down THE SINGLE STEP into the sunroom at my parent’s house could NOT have been more frightening.  Listen to that conundrum, excitement over being too worn out to get your butt on the recliner without being afraid of not making it there!

Let’s see what’s coming up this week:
(Week of March 14, 2016)

Monday:  Outpatient Therapy (OT, PT, SPEECH)
Tuesday:  Rest, Recovery, PROBABLE stomach work and moderate leg work at the local gym
Wednesday:  Outpatient Therapy (OT, PT, SPEECH) PLUS an hour and a half climbing at Reading Rocks
Thursday:  Rest, Recovery, PROBABLE back work, shoulder work and moderate leg work at the local gym
Friday:  Work, Writing, Video Editing, Outreach, Networking
Saturday:  INTENSE TRAINING(Chest and Legs), Rest, Recovery
Sunday:  Sleep, Planning for week of March 21, Writing, Quiet Time, Networking

I’d say that’s a good plan, a great way to move forward in life and a remarkable model to copy, edit and base a productive schedule of events on.

Oh before I forget, that meeting we had with the potential designer for my new house last week if you didn’t already catch it went well.  She has to finish up work she is in the middle of, but in a few weeks plans and drawings are going to be started on her end.




  • 3/16: FOUR AND A HALF HOURS (PA) kicked to the fricken curb!
    OT: Killed It.
    SPEECH: Killed It.
    PT: Killed It.
    ROCK CLIMBING: Killed It, by the end of the 90 minute session I climbed the 30 ft. wall 4 times, very quickly, without hesitation and with notable improvement in flexibility.

  • March 16, 2016 – Day III.
    Geez, I never thought WARM coffee, or the lack thereof could have or would have such an impactful role in my alertness and performance. So be it, I’m not going to argue with success.
    This morning’s therapy sessions helped me realize a few things a bit clearer.
    One.. I am still able to evolve and learn, and take advantage of strategies geared at helping me overcome weakness. That categorizing, “chunking” mnemonic I briefly chatted about in Monday’s review again proved to be useful in SPEECH/ COGNITIVE THERAPY. Remembering and being able to recall 10 out of 10 items, that’s what I’m talking about!
    Second, my spinal stabilization IS going to play more of a deterring role in my ability to stand up from a chair WITHOUT PULLING on my walker or another surface A WEE BIT MORE THAN I LOOK FORWARD TO.
    And lastly, my mechanics are again going to need to be focused on.
    Refining a strategy to cope with that difficulty is now on my to-do list, so don’t worry. Spark did play a big role in SPEECH. As mentioned, my mental alertness and “WOW-factor” reached and maintained its kick-in-the-pants effectiveness throughout the rest of my sessions too.

    – Don’t worry, all my “homework” for therapy, exercises to work on at home are clearly written down and handy.
    Sure, I’m tired now, but knowing I’LL BE CLIMBING TONIGHT a nap is more than just welcomed.


  • Monday, March 14 2016: Breakdown

    Monday: Outpatient Therapy (OT, PT, SPEECH)

    CLARIFICATION: The newly incorporated outpatient therapy sessions are hour-long sessions,
    9am – noon is notable.

    Today’s session in Occupational Therapy(OT) focused on practicing getting a pair of shorts over my feet and pulling them up to my waist while standing. Remind me each pant leg ONLY gets one leg in it.

    Today’s session in Speech Therapy(SPEECH) focused on more cognitive aspects of my wellbeing than anything. Did you know different strategies can impact your recall a great deal?

    Heck, I was given a grocery list of ten items and asked to recite them back to the therapist after viewing them and handing the list back to the therapist. My first attempt resulted with a list of four items at the most in random order.
    Before trying again we discussed categorizing the list into shorter list of related terms. Let’s see, as I can RECALL they were as follows.
    Types of fruit
    Types of fish
    Related to making a sandwich
    Breakfast items
    Dairy items

    With that strategy, I arrived at nine out of ten items.
    ( – “Chunking and Organization”


    Nine is greater than four. The tenth item is still slipping my mind, but 90% still equals an A- in my book.
    Today, for the first time ever too, we also worked on varying pitch.

    Varying Pitch
    Higher pitches can be thought of as “stressing the word.”

    Now before I forget anymore, I’m going to take a nap so these lessons learned can really sink in.
    Check out Facebook to see how I fed my body after therapy too.

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