Looking Forward

I can’t decide, whether today’s entry should touch up on the calorie intake of my childhood star athlete neighbor I find myself excusing the dessert bowl of icecream I ate last night with, the preview of Saturdays fight I want to point to on TEAM-IBK’S new site OR the amazing dream I woke up out of yesterday morning.

Never back down right?  Ok, so before I forget, the kid I was beating the snot out of waking up yesterday morning must have really been getting on my nerves or pushing the wrong buttons because I’ve never seen a more demoralizing beat down in my life.
I will share a link to the preview on Facebook of Saturday’s fight in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I did add a link to the MAABOXING website on the top of the page to give credit to where I was getting my information from so do check that out.

Either way, Thanks a lot Zach!  With what I saw you eating and putting yourself through, I know it’s acceptable and almost encouraged to actually enjoy big bowls of ice cream after dinner! Hahaha

BACK TO BUSINESS: Tomorrow, Saturday 9/19 I will be going down to INDIO’S BOXING GYM in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to be a spectator for once in my life. Sitting on the sidelines just does not feel right!

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