Ironed Out!

Can you say TWO for TWO?!
Don’t mind me bragging a bit but DIGNITY is not something I’m going to hide! Initial goals still being the goals standing months let alone years later means you’re FOCUSED and DETERMINED.
Add a hashtag (#) before or after each of those words and own them.

My journey is nowhere near complete, but the constant uphill climb you see me making is only getting steeper.

HANDS WAVING.. and TeamIBK’s new site are not only focused on creating a living for myself, but I honestly think they’re doing an even better job keeping me progressing and motivated.
STEPS forward in life looking like STRIDES, that’s what I talking about!
Yes, in case you have not checked out TeamIBK’s new site lately do yourself a favor.. Follow the link in this post on the Facebook page and scroll to the bottom of the COACH’s page. You see that right?! Dude’s hanging from a rock wall 30 feet up!

SHOUT OUT to READING ROCKS! for always being on my side and in my corner. I love you guys and I look forward to seeing you again real soon. (See this post on Facebook for a link to their site)

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