WTR – 02/12/2018 – Understatement.01

Oh boy, that clock IS ticking, ain’t it!!!  Yea..  I’m on the clock and sipping these fluids LIKE IT’S MY JOB!  I also already made a very smart decision and re-ordered two more bottles of Probiotic Restore Ultra’s this morning to make sure all that hard work and strain on my muscles gets realized and built on.

Video I found on YouTube:  (NO AFFILIATION!)


One detail I haven’t gone into very much is how these probiotics enrich or aid the intestinal bacteria we all have.  That is primarily the key reason your blood is better able to absorb the nutrients we take in.  With a clean, clear, and empty gut, that’s when we are better able to absorb the hydration and nutrients we consume.

Make the proteins you eat work even better for you by ridding them of all blockages and obstacles!

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