DEVON SAUNDERS!!!  Come On Downnn.. 
Good Thursday morning friends!  This week I wanted to be sure to tell you one of our Friends, Sir Devon Saunders FROM THE SHOW AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR invited us all to come see him and some others compete….


“Morning Everyone!

If you would like to come see me and a few others compete around the time of my American Ninja Warrior run at the Richmond Power Plant in Philly during the night of May 26th, please message me your..
 It will be quite the show and certainly an exciting time!”


On top of that I’d appreciate you all helping our newest member Josh reach Advisor status.  This month at least, while stocking your shelves with all your essential vitamins and alternatives, type in your discount code and get them from HIS SITE’S TEAMIBK NUTRITION STORE.

Again, being fully behind Willow Grove Landscaping‘s ambitions means so much to us.  The head of operations and management there, Josh and I actually attended a meeting for EMERGING LEADERS UNITED this week.

I was and still am more than excited about this new front in life.  ELU met and surpassed my expectations.  A hard task!

“United Way of Berks County helps people in need, addresses our county’s critical issues and makes our community a better place for everyone.   Our work is rooted in those fundamental principles, and through our unique ability, we bring the right mix of people and organizations together to focus on our community’s health and human service needs and to create lasting changes throughout Berks County.

Our work is centered on raising and distributing funds to support a vital network of health and human services, as well as tackling our community’s key issues and working towards solutions in the areas of Education, Health, Income and Safety Net Services.

When we LIVE UNITED, we can all be part of the change we want to see in our community.”

The people, the personal interactions and the like-mindedness of the individuals I met is what had me going.  I made sure to try to get a headcount while there.  People were walking around NETWORKING WITH OTHERS, but I estimated (counted 10 people in ONE HALF OF THE ROOM and multiplied by two to get a nice number of 20 or so business minded friends all sharing their experiences and services with each other.

I stole the spotlight of course for part of the night at least.  I’ll tell ya, raising my hand to every question asked made me feel good.  “NOT GONNA FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING A BOSS!”

The guest speaker, Mr. Mike Iorio (DALE CARNEGIE) led much of the discussion.  (I got his email address along with many others, so I do intend on contacting them directly and sharing this link.  Perhaps a few suggestions about how I could help them learn more about Advocare products aimed at helping them support their bodies better AND possibly how to get discounts and a few more monetary incentives).

The billfold I am reviewing right now details many useful principles I may decide to look deeper into in the coming weeks.  They all read “Principles of..” so I know these tools are going to be very useful to me.  Especially noting most if not all of the page’s titles end with or include the word “LEADER.”

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