Week 2, Day 1

Minimal swelling below my right knee, noted.  Plot your good days, friends.  Cushion them with days to rest.  Be smarter.  One day of above excellent performance may deserve a day in bed, I guess.  I’m still learning!  Don’t dwell over spilled milk.  Literally, changing again might help you realize what you cried over yesterday was nothing but an anthill.  Cuss minutely.  There will be bigger things to cry about, save those tears.  If it’s draining to clinch that jaw to eliminate the chattering, get to chit chatting.  

This week coming up will be a doozy.  Between 4 days of “intense” home therapy sessions, a dental appointment and my home lifts, I’m dreading the discomfort in my bones less.  I got bigger things tho deal with and worry about.

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