Madam Gazelle,

We are both beasts of our own design.  You graze and I roar.  I’ve spotted you taking your own stride and parting from your herd a few times.
Believe me, if these stars do not align just right or there are too many gnats lingering in my shadow, I will probably turn ghostly white.
I’ve done what I could to study your patterns and movements.  I have resisted anticipating your next move for poachers seem to know exactly how I operate.  They know if they pay attention, they’ll see me stalking you, licking my chops and getting ready to pounce.  I must avoid attracting the swarms of bucking warthogs for my own good too.  They will take me out just staring me down.

I guess tonight will be another night full of me smothering you in barbeque sauce and cleaning my teeth with your sparkling earrings, in my dreams.

Do me a favor, come around the watering hole and try winking at me so I know who you are.  Thanks!

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    I really like this one, you have a great talent and I think you could make money using it. These should be compiled into a book of short poems / sonnets.

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