Day One

The music’s quiet. The Herculean breakfast, done. 3 egg omelette, Mini Wheats and banana, cranberry juice and coffee breakfast reduced to sipping on a cup and a half of thin liquids all by 10 of 10 is what I’m talking about.
Check out CAT’s earnings beat! Set that on auto reinvest and make ends meet. I’m feeling quite alright resorting back to the backup/ original game plan. Invest in your future, fitness and faith. Put God and armoring up in His protection first.
My calendar’s filling quick. Today, I’ll recenter myself, try getting out on the parallel bars by noon, get a haircut, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, shower and nap in a logical order.
Tomorrow, I’ll open these doors and welcome a fellow fitness enthusiast into my home. I’ll probably end up marching up and down some two inch steps, doing some jumping jacks, out-bench him/ her/ ‘er and move quietly into hibernation mode.

Wednesday, I’ll use my upper body and extremities to get my pants over my rump efficiently. Sit to stands will be sprinkled in between each activity every day. I did that too much yesterday, I almost cried. Pain patches, Tylenol and chewable baby aspirin keep my blood flowing and pain levels in check. Forget the rest. I am on a pain med regimen and I gotta stay on top of that, not you.

Thursday, my brain will get some needed laps in. Friday, much like Tuesday will hopefully lead to fitness goals being met. Tell you what, my home gym will be utilized and come in handy both in the future and when I’m done this post.

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