Freshness in the AM

7am clocking in time isn’t bad!  I’ve showered, gotten dressed and eaten with minimal assistance this morning.  As per usual, I had oatmeal, blueberry applesauce, eggs, peanut butter toast, OJ and a coffee for breakfast in my room actually.  Hustle, Keech!

I did hit BACK AND SHOULDERS yesterday.  It feels like it was so long ago!  Excuse me if it sounds like I’m constantly repeating myself.  They’re called reps, homie.  I’m already planning to hit EXTENSIONS, CURLS, SQUATS and WALKING today!  Rest, lunch, gym session, HBRW laps.  My chair is already outside waiting to be thrown in the trunk.  Coffee before and after, or in between activities sounds great to me.

I like Dunkin’s hot coffee with caramel and cream, bruv.  I wouldn’t call it love for I have no voicemails from that blood in my inbox.  High standards, jiving lyrics and hope greasing the wheel sounds alright if you’re reading my lines.  T-5 hours until I shine!  I wanna be the spine in this limp balloon.  NOTE, I am logged into that kik streaming app and showing them how it’s done!  I am currently wearing my original IBK tee.  It’s also green! 

When, and if I ever put your @ss  on the shelf, you best be ready and anticipating me taking you down when it better suits me.  If you won’t communicate, won’t illuminate the only path that’ll lead me to ya or tell me your goals align with me, cya later alligator!
Yesterday’s post gave props to the loves I’m too shy to address directly. 

Call’em out brooo..  Mary, Brittany, Tess, let me confess.  I’m getting older and the distance between us is getting colder.  I have two broad shoulders, take turns or atleast grab a number and wait your turn, for cycling back around is a pastime I hold superior.  I realize the chicas wanna be prioritized.  That’s all I do when I’m not running from the cops.  I’ve been doing what I have to, to stay focused.  Subcontracting additional tasks to my boyz, is overdue in my eyez.  Wet your eyes, call this girl and leave a message in hieroglyphics, “Wesley.”  That’s good for now!  Bye!

– KyleKeech

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  • Oh my God you had all that for breakfast I would blow up how do you eat all that where do you put it oh my God Kyle you’re still with a peanut butter wow that was a good article you did all that God you ate all that in bed oh my God what do you think you are rich.. nice though I did enjoy reading it I guess you’r going horseback riding tonight equestrian therapye going horseback riding tonightgoing.. I’d like to see that sometime.

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