Lbs. – Listen, b!shes



Forget what’s between you and your goals right now.  They’re ALL called distractions.  Pause for a moment to honor the stragglers.  They might need an extra second to rise up and put communal progress first.  They’re only gumming up their own ascension.  Focus on you when it gets to be too much.  Cut ties if you must but don’t you dare dwell or trip now.  5 years, 10, 15, consider it all a slick slide of your blade against the nearest sharpening stone.

Dealing with Stonehenge-sized obstacles until it kills you is a waste of energy. Prioritize making bank to set your future family on a collision course with comfort and joy.  You’re not being selfish or greedy.  You are holding yourself responsible and accountable for carrying the heavy stuff.  You absorb the blow to protect those you love.  Can I get a heev-ho!?

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