“Attention-Grabbing Headline”

Sure, you can certainly use me as an example of how dwelling can inhibit progress. You can also cite my tendency to not let things go as a reason to learn to let things go personally.
As true as my imperfections are, I’d much rather you compare my undying will to elevate potential to.. Look up the term “ice wedging.” All the bits and pieces of useful information I share IF EMBRACED would HOPEFULLY soak in, “freeze” and expand to create more room for expansion. I’m trying to plant seeds! Please see that!

Today’s “dwelling” includes the pure hypocrisy I note realizing all these “rehabilitation practices and professionals” can and will hold their eyes and ears shut as hard as they can when an innocent MAN consistently does EVERYTHING he can to share his heart’s best efforts to add to the conversation. That’s all I’m TRYING TO do. All anyone I’ve ever worked with would have to do is share a link or number to text. They COULD change so many lives and amplify the chances of steady progress of EVERYBODY they work with and know personally by testifying to what they’ve witnessed personally. I am a stand out! A role model! A case study underutilized! Sure, I’ve failed tens if not hundreds of times chasing rabbits down rabbit holes. They’re quick to identify that! I “let that go!” I’m moving this stubborn caboose daily. God is the center of my life and I hope to exhibit that daily too. With Him in control, I get through the unfavorable and unsavory with not as much as a wrinkle in my shirt.

Next on my list: Learning to more-easily let people learn for themselves and brush less-than-enthusiastic speed bumps off!

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