Dear Princess of Openness and Communication,

Ay, yo I’m recalibrating my slug gun.  Wolves had me running scared.  Apologizing again makes no sense.  These cave’s walls need murals diagnosing my journey!

Start with me being the sun.  Draw an arrow tied to a loop.  Swoop down like an eagle, grab ‘er and save her from the reality that is life without me.  Give her heart everything it could possibly want!  Tell her I want her hand firmly in, and squeezing mine.

Tell the medicine doctor to start mashing and mixing cranberries and acorns awhile to create a nice malaize for our bounties’ harvest.  Emerging from my leantoo is a delicate process.  It’s almost like learning how to walk again.  My tendency to shy away from caring hearts is tragic and not helpful to me at all.  I will forever more stay humble in manifesting a a true partner in crime while no one is looking! 
Do me a favor!  Write my name down on several pieces of paper with my number to text, too.  Draw big red hearts on each.  Put those “notes” in glass bottles and start hurling them at girls’ houses.  Get my name in their ears!  Tell her, her and her to find meee.  Thanks!



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  • Steve Keech

    Another great piece of writing my compliments!

  • Kyle your amazing person and your such an inspiration to us all. You keep doing what your doing your Gods chosen one. Thanks for being my friend and I am here for you. Love Ann

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