God is STILL MAKING a way!

Shout out to my big dog, Anthony! I really like the progress we have both been making on the regular, homie! How’s it feel to be riding high!? I hope those amino acids are getting the frayed wires inside reconnected. I told you they are the building blocks of protein. Feed those muscles!

Check the documented blog entries, regrouping and coming back even stronger is a huge part of how we move mountains. I am more than looking forward to checking out those products reviews you’re planning to tape!

Now that you are pre-enrolled on LiveGoodTour.com/kylekeech1, you can start getting your support lined up, signed up on your team, getting bigger and getting paid.

I ordered PopPop some of that cbd pain cream you approved of yesterday. I ordered that and the a bottle of cod drops for him to try. I saved $20 between the two. I am very glad we can be such tools for each other! Keep Pushing #BigDog!

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