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Good morning A-Team, I mean A-Squad, I mean Love Affair, I mean Recovery Addicts, I mean second to none synonyms for success! We made it! We’re all standing tall with our chests puffed out. Next on the chopping block, garnering even more support! Suck up those tears! We are in the clear! Our assistant coach, Amber took a big step this week. She secured her position on our team by pre-enrolling in the team matrix. That’s going to ensure that when the endorsements and sponsorships start rolling in she’s getting her cut first. Be sure to grab your top-teir fund funneling position ASAP. Simply enter your contact info on LiveGoodTour.com/KyleKeech1 so I get your information. Tell your friends and fam, and supporters to do the same! This is the foundation. Once we’re all up on that docket, your recovery team will fill in the spaces and support you more than ever. Tell them it’s just $10 a month to send you over the moon. They don’t need to push anything. Them locking in on your team will put them next in line to have full team support.



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