Flower Pot,

Call me Father Time. You are the most beautiful life-bearing container I have ever seen. I do not want to take up too much your valuable time this morning. I want you to know that I do appreciate you. You are doing a great job supporting entire universes in your arms. Have a fantastic day. Oh, and if I may… I’d do a hundred sit-to stands, 100 squats and 50 million bicep curls to make you smile. If we ever see each other equally again, or at the same place in life, I hope we can, or I can cope with the influx of emotions well enough to put my best foot forward first. I’m nailing doors shut to ensure an ounce of security daily. That doesn’t help my vulnerability-ness or my hopes of looking like a soft landing spot. I hope we count each other first on our lists of appropriateness. Keech

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    Thank you again I like your creativity

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