SGWBN – Some Grace Would Be Nice

I’m going to build you up then take a step back to regroup!  Please, understand it.  My track record is spotless.  I put God and sweet baby Jesus, first.  I hope for the best.  I don’t go down rabbitholes if I don’t have to.  My ascension in any sense of the word that’s appropriate, is beautiful.
If I could reach out for hugs without damning eyes staring me down, I so would.  I’m a caterpillar in a glass jar.  Let me out!  I’m pumping entirely too heavy crackers and leaves and makeshift waters, dished in seashells the best that I can.  I’m only ever looking back to check on calf size in my full length mirror before pulling out the Arnold card and act like you just misunderstood how I pronounced “I love you.”  Now.. if you can give me 10, I’ll shower, get dressed and get back to breaking my back lifting things up and putting them down!  Talk soon!

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  • Steve Keech

    I enjoyed this post very much. Has a touch of poetry mixed in , good job!

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