Mama, I want to be calm’a

I’m not very tall but I am stable for the most part and I wouldn’t trade these barbs for anything in the world unless it pays in dividends, paints a smile on her face or relieves me of ever-growing stress.  Ya heard!?

3 “Yuge” gym days Monday through Friday this week have me smiling.  I did a few sets of curls after I showered this morning.  Actually walking laps around the house might be worked in later.  I’m not going to push them.

I AM pumped about kicking off my training for this upcoming duathlon race.  Tackling a sweat session wearing a full sweatsuit while lifting Monday had me feeling like Tim Allen in Santa Claus.

My girl “Fran” standing by the finishing line cheering me on will def have my heart racing!  Have a good one!  KP!

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