The Nitty Gritty

Starfish, ma’am, PLEASE relay a message for me and tell your friend Miss Octopus I want her reaching out and wrapping her sucker-filled tentacles around me and never letting go.  THIS IS HOW I RELAX… RELAX!
I CONSCIOUSLY put my hesitations aside, let the half-baked feelings of impending doom and lost security go and just let it flow.
My inertia and momentum, shall they both remain little changed.  It’s a good day!  It’s a beautiful morning.  I am incredibly grateful for my surroundings as well as “my” people.  Sure, we’re alike and all members of the human race.  Most critically, we all have functioning hearts.  We are alive and NOT DEAD.  Some of our hearts pump too hard.  Some lack the ability to look at things objectively.

Call that sawfish near!  Put it in second gear.  My dear, they lock me up at night.  You know I would come find you if I could see at night.  Maybe, just possibly I will not get dimed out by a freak or cause a leak in my self-regulated pipelines.  I’d love to sneak in seeing you or see you sneaking into my dungeon of doom.  My room looks like a pink panther with two brown cuddly blankets on stand by.

I sincerely want to add to your diet.  Take a bite of my nether regions.  Suck the blood from those holes in my neck.  I want to date your body “best if used by…”  I want to succeed in charming you until I bleed.  Like a worm on a hook, you’ve got me hooked!  Bye!  Have a good day!  Go on, charm each other relentlessly.  Exchange numbers, text.

Go ahead, compare me to the captain of the ship.  I just want to man-splain things to you, kiss your toes, suck on those gross little piggies.  I’ll paint your nails without feeling insecure.  I’ll fan the flames of hell on earth chasing you.  Reach out, bro.  Just give me a sign!


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