Ladies, you’ve made it!

Yes ladies, contestant number 1, contestant number 2 and contestant number 3, formerly known as Miss Mary, Miss Amber and Miss Caitee, you three lucky ladies have definitely endured, it seems.  The semi-finalist round to win the future queen’s throne is upon us.  Personally hosting such an event is legit broadening these Herculean shoulders.  Thank you for having me and never letting go.

In this next round of the competition, bribing the judges is frowned upon, showing that you actually want to get lei’d victorious and advocating for how you see things going will be of utmost importance.

This will be a question and answer-styled round.  Please give us a moment to thank our sponsors and support.  Be ready when called upon if you would.

When ready, please be abundantly clear and step up to the line.  Ladies, as queen do you plan on listening to the King’s input?  Will you support him not only by listening to him, but reading and inferring that he aims to place a smile on your face and make you feel appreciated?  Will you find him and secure him when he is quiet?  Will you encourage him to break through the cage he feels he is in more often than not?  Will you help build his confidence by communicating openly that you want to be more than he could ever ask for?

I suggest you answer wisely by replying, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes! and  Yes!”  I suggest you start practicing not only your singing voice, but also being the backbone, assuring commentary he plays over and over again in his head when he’s unsure of proper etiquette. 
He is a human being that dislikes assuming.  Often speaking in third person, KK hopes and prays for best outcomes before even timidly stepping onto the playing field.

“He can’t tell you what it really is more than not, he can only tell you what it feels like.”  Forcing him to constantly be the one stepping out of his comfort zone to only talk to brick walls and, send countless unanswered texts leaves him crying on the inside.  He values open communication, chivalry, reassurance, and not competing with unheard of competition.  If you’re open to being his whole world, and Mrs. tell him that.  Assuming leaves a real bad taste in his mouth.  These are just my pointers.  While I’m at it, I’ll give hints to where you can find him.  Wear spandex because that “fool’” is going to be in the gym from now until the end of eternity.
This morning/ afternoon will be the third early gym session this week.  He’ll be focusing on Back and Shoulders this time around.  He will hit Lat Pulldowns and Shoulder Presses again, among other exercises today.  Instead of Chest Presses, he’ll tackle rows on the seated rowing machine.
3 different machines on three different days this week plus a night of climbing rocks leaving him feel like the Hulk is understandable by our standards.

Look ladies!  He’s putting the work in.  Empathy is not a bad word in others’ heads.  He can be, and wants to be seen as the rock in your life as well as the provider, smart one and man of your dreams.  Explaining things to him cautiously might help.  Patience with stated wants and goals will help.

Sometimes he feels insecure, not listened to and intimidated out of putting his best foot forward.  Feeling “safe” expressing honest feelings and truths will mean the world to him.  Explain that trying his best is more than enough.  Tell him, assure him that you’re trying to listen closely.  Look in his eyes, hold his hand and “try” pursing your lips, ladies.  Good luck!

– KyleKeech

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  • I told you Kyle you should write a book you never fail to amaze me

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