I’m glad I had enough energy left in me to comb this beach again, more closely.  It wasn’t easy with that hook in my foot.  I picked you up, dusted you off and lifted you high to see you more clearly.

I have no idea where you come from.  I won’t believe rumors.  I’m already planning to wear you on my neck to tonight’s pork roast!  I love hearing the waves crash, sweet, smokey remnants rise up in the air.  That meat, glazed with honey, sounds delicious and yummy.  To me, you’re going to make a huge difference in my life.  Waking up, excited to wear you is going to drastically impact my world.  I thought I lost it all with that last storm, and now I gotch-you to show off! 
Whose not jealous, is the only thing I’m left thinking!  I welcome these stares and the gossipping.  I’m the dangerous one with cut abs that will leave your pupils wanting more.  I love treading this shore’s lines in my swimming trunks.  Wearing Ocean Pacific makes me look and sound prolific.  Hummingbirds buzz and zoom by often.  They smell the cut pineapples.  I’m like, “Let me cut the watermelon and give you something to really crave.”

I love holding a handful of ya up to my ear to try and hear oceans I can’t see.  These pelicans gawk and seals bark.  I stay clear of volcanic tears burning my cheeks and cheer.  We can do rain dances together.  I enjoy picturing slurping cut watermelon wedges.  Napping in a hammock sounds divine as well.  Sharks circling my bloody bait sound reminiscent of shrimps afraid to jump the curb.  They are so close to freedom but don’t feel brave enough to break loose.  Magnificent flames broil the pigs heart flor tender consumption.  Juicy treks and breaking chicken necks, drum beats and limbo sticks gotten under remind me of goals being met.

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  • Steve Keech

    Good one

  • Hi Kyle how did pop pop enjoy your horseback riding I used to like it too I was always afraid that with those big feet you have you would kick the horse in The shins and the horse would take off all right love you

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