Dear Apple Pie,

Dammit woman!  I am kind of shy.  Do not rely on me carrying you back to camp, please.  I have some trouble navigating when I don’t see coordinates as easily as North and South.
“My Son” will rise in the East.  I’ll wipe my sweat to the West.  I’m like a boat bobbing in between troughs and crests.  I’ll stay forever tangled in your fishing line, guppy!

I am hopelessly dedicated, fool!  My energy levels dwindle when I witness constant controversy and hesitations to my outpouring of kindness, empathy and love.  Protecting me from EVERYTHING, SOMETIMES does more harm than good.
It is very important for me to remember too, that I long for opposition.  Diamonds form under pressure!  We run a tight ship around here.  This IS the school of Hardknocks.  Keep it moving.  Share your goals.  Let’s make them OUR goals.  I want to pump, you, up!

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