Dear “Darcy,”

You’s Aliases

Aka “use aliases,” I know y’all had to have slammed your fists down on the table a few times in your life!  Especially in today’s victimhood environment, you will be called out if you PROPERLY identify troublemakers.
That’s an open and closed case right there!  Stop raging, Kyle  Dam!  Ok, all I wanted to convey here was as I’ve been doing for years..  Got a touchy subject matter to discuss?  Code words.  Be discreet.  Use flattery.

Got an easily offended audience?  Sshhhh!  Bite your tongue!  Half these cats be swearing in every sentence.  Again, give them a taste of their own medicine.  Speak your truth.

Watch your output! Save your energy for the important stuff! #prioritize

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  1. Dolores Cortlessa

    Hey Kyle again I’m going to tell you beautiful writing I don’t know what you said are you fantasizing I don’t know what you’re doing one of these days I want you to talk to me and tell me what you’re doing you’re just writing and think of it’s amazing what you can do I told you to write a book I’m not kidding and I’m here and I showed it to Dylan and he was laughing cuz he didn’t know what it was either so I’m not the only one I love you

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