Dear “Darcy,”

Hold me… Please. Show me that I can push you away and you’ll be there tomorrow. Try relieving my stress. I want to be your number one.

I’m so confused anymore. “Caring,” comes with mean stares, people raising their voices and me cowering in fear. I put people on the shelf when I feel insecure, never knowing whether my life is at stake. I hush and breathe through those insecurities daily. Therefore, I’m left fearful to feel good.

“Ruby,” tiny dancer I’d love to feel you read my woes. I want to take you out on a lunch date. I want to date these juices red. I want to talk things out. I want to feel safer. I want to go without threats on my life for rising too early. I want to connect spiritually, just you and me. Is that alright?

I’ve had to put degrees of separation between us because…

I don’t even know. Let’s put that behind us. Let’s put us on the chopping block for real. It just hit me, the warmth I constantly feel in my eyes is just tears.

Today’s therapeutic poetry will

Pursue me with love notes

It will state boldly that I should feel free to love every single person. It will erase my doubts and maybe hold my hand.

It will be encouraged to snooze until it’s ready.

We will take our time fulfilling our destiny.

⁃ Arnold

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    Hey Kyle again I’m going to tell you beautiful writing I don’t know what you said are you fantasizing I don’t know what you’re doing one of these days I want you to talk to me and tell me what you’re doing you’re just writing and think of it’s amazing what you can do I told you to write a book I’m not kidding and I’m here and I showed it to Dylan and he was laughing cuz he didn’t know what it was either so I’m not the only one I love you

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