Notes To Apparently Nobody

You think I had a problem with the mic. People in charge sitting this one out and funneling that cash back into my account, would be one way to stay current. These shit talkers got me filing grievances against their own employees. Da fuck.

Cool. I’ll stay doing me. Cutting cheese.

Keep knocking. I got issues with my confidence to overcome, b

I’m remarkably calm this morning. If you got employment issues, I feel bad for you son… I got 99 problems..

I’m sawry no one noticed the disclaimers, chump! Get out of my way! I hope you are boyant. I’m tired of carrying all these state workers on my back.

(MIKE: There was never an issue homie. I said I wanted to discuss something.. “people”/ YOUR COWORKERS got their panties in a bunch and started forwarding me grievance forms.). I hope nothing drastic happens. I MAY HAVE KNOCKED YOU DOWN, get up again!

I do feel bad, from my viewpoint, the whole organization you work for is a toxic environment and group of people. I LOVE and CHERISH each of you/them, it’s literally a shitshow there.

From the top down, it’s been 110% stress. IN MY OPINION, this past week for example I am pretty sure 2 individuals got paid for 4 hours of work, watching me outshine myself.

(“Watching ME work”)

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