HR, please keep these notes


Oh! Hearsay isn’t always factual!?

Get To Know Me..

Firstly, God will stay at the core of those who believe.
Self-accountability will be a tier of the next generation of responsible, law abiding citizens.
Hope will spring eternal. Goodwill will be fashionable and encouraged. Race will not be a deciding factor in any communal disposition, ever again.

One of the first focuses of my administration will revolve around holding state officials and employees accountable.

torching “tolerance” – Stay in your lane and do you!

Quit putting your selflove and respect at the end of the list.

Take care of those you love, and be left TF alone. How’s that sound? Sounds like a pipedream doesn’t it?

Words will not be considered the downfall of the human race for as long as I’m in the picture. “Victimhood” is a disease.
The older ways of being forced to bite your tongue will cease to exist.
Elective Desensitization will be available.

It is time MEN take back their roles of being good fathers.

It’s time we as a people stop letting the richest of us and beurocrats ruin our ives. Personal fortune and fitness will be a personal responsibility, again. Respect to those who earn their keep will be plentiful. Appreciation is important.

No longer will you be held to a different standard than those in office, either.

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