3 Part Poem

Part 1.
Today is Monday.  It is the fifth of April.  I woke up today, drafting some poetry.
First, I want to find a picture of some old, rickety branches.
I want to compare that branch to my interests in finding a special somebody, someday.
I feel I am about ready to draw some similarities between my hesitancy to journey to a weakened supporting branch and my hesitancy to trust without inspection.

Part 2.
I have therapy today and tomorrow.  I hope we review my energy levels not getting enough support.
Pushback was great while it lasted.  Carrying me on your shoulders does not work unless you let me up.
Try reducing the restrictions.  Give me your number.  Email me back on an address without entire public enemies on it please. 

Part 3.
I hope you are explicit with your wants, too.  It would be a bummer if a certain somebody was scared, then never had a way to try building trust.

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  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    hey my grandson pay my Grande are you looking for a good woman a handsome woman a pretty woman oh my God you’re a hound dog you are oh I like that what you wrote that was sweet really nice to go to therapy today and tomorrow huh good job Kyle you never give up you’re really a good guy you’re handsome you deserve somebody very pretty I’m praying I love you

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