OK Nostradamus,

“It’s all good, dawg!” This upcoming week I am planning to hush my jitters and look into my next investment. FIL (Filecoin) was suggested to me by a mentor. Pulling up the featured graphs, you see the positive ground it’s been breaking lately. Look closely, maybe at the 1 week graph.. You see the dip starting, or the probable dip in price that might come. That’s your buy in opportunity.

Timing is everything. It helps me to go in half-expecting to see big drops in price after buying. No panicking! That’s how long-term investing works. Buy in, sit on and ride the wave.

Last night BTC crossed 59,000 and I heard some projections call for it to cross 65,000 in the near-term. Long-term projections are very speculative but some even see the price of bitcoin exceeding 1m.

Filecoin, like every other cryptocurrency is rooted in btc. Look at the long-term graphs of btc, I like the trajectory. Do not get all depressed looking at the high prices just yet. Satoshi’s are miniscule fractions of a whole coin. Find 4 or 5 currencies with similar graphs. Put $10 in each to start.

Filecoin, itself is priced currently around $152 per whole coin. Citing prior stats, I’ve seen different currencies fluctuate by up to 60-65% in a single day. Study and research your positions! Look at the graphs!
Let’s just say you invest up to $10,000 in a currency. You could sit, watch and make up to $6,500 in a single day. You could lose that much too, so watch it.

From what I’ve seen, most currencies fluctuate anywhere from 1, 1.5 – 2 to 3% a day. Find a good entry point/ dip and earn 1% a day for 4 or 5 days. That money will add up sooner or later.


Grow with me, get $5 worth of free btc!

Price Predictions for FIL
Price Prediction for FIL!

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  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    When you’re rich Kyle don’t forget me I’m poor right now so don’t forget me remember that I love you remember I was with you everyday in the hospital remember we were looking at the Free Willy anyway that was in the past but I was had money then I don’t have money now so remember me when you make millions I’ll be the richest man in Elverson I love you

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