OK Nostradamus,


Hey Babs!  I think/ hope you MIGHT still have room in your heart to talk about us taking life on hand in hand one day.  There are no excuses for my hesitations up until now. Moving forward, I’d like to discuss my idea of potential for us.

If things went to my ongoing train of thought, they may look a lot like:

Both of us saving everything we can until time unites/reunites us.

Us not rushing anything.

Us communicating and sharing insights that’ll help both of us build trust and a bond of undeniable support.

Daily reminders of devotion and dedication.

Open communication

Affectionate recollections

0 regrets except for not telling you I was scared, that I never stopped caring.

I was scared. I’m rare -ER than tmx I checked out your shit. Not impressed with it or the “competition they like to call it.

You. Yes you are the ones bowing out letting me get in the door out of respect. First drink is on me. I’ll ebbit it. EBT

I’ll get seen I guess if they ever open up to boss moves being daily. ADL’s R LOVING

I’m humming. Blowing. I’m not enough man I guess. Is what YOU have tattooed across your head.

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  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    When you’re rich Kyle don’t forget me I’m poor right now so don’t forget me remember that I love you remember I was with you everyday in the hospital remember we were looking at the Free Willy anyway that was in the past but I was had money then I don’t have money now so remember me when you make millions I’ll be the richest man in Elverson I love you

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