God’s Got This

Happy Saturday, Marigold!

How are you feeling?  Good and rested?  I hope so!  Today would be Day 6 at the gym if that were the plan.  I’m planning on stretching out and sticking to curls here at home.
I was happy to get (5) 45-90 minute sessions in, this week!  Wednesday’s two-a-day still has me giddy.
I have been tuning into ABOVE INSPIRATION videos on YouTube in the mornings.  They’re talking to me!  Have Hope in Him!  Turbulence is not new.  Struggles, like opposition, constantly sharpen my spear!  Affirm it!  Say it outloud, Kyle!


Fear not!  I have the favor of God at all times.  Even in my downfalls!  I’m ecstatic to see friends courageous enough to claim His Grace too!

Be like David, get up early and kill that giant!  Take on what hinders you most, first!  Don’t ever be scared!  His Plan constantly serves you best!  Acknowledge reality is way better than the alternative!
They even mentioned intentionally being overrun with compliments.  Compliments add positivity to people’s lives.  That spark can certainly be the wind that knocks over that first domino in their lives.  Cups my ear!  Can I get an Amen!?


Take the Lord into battle with you, or be calm and enthusiastic, being patient waiting on Him.  Talk to Him before you even get out of bed.  Don’t let the mundane tasks of life frustrate.  Have Grace.


Give Thanks for what’s already yours.  If you imagine it, you can achieve it.  Don’t aspire to make a living.  Aspire to make a difference.  Be a representative of the Spirit of God.  Sow the seeds.  Do what you can do.  Let Him grow that vine.  Trust Him!


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