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I can’t believe it either! I guess I need to ask for it before I throw shade. Moving forward, any persons working in conjunction with “my team,” please be sure to document all communications. Talk is cheap.
“Accountability” IS a word that needs quotes around it. I have no issue with it meaning something different to everybody.
In my head, it means “actually trying,” putting effort in, communicating openly, not hiding and adding to the conversation. Sitting on your keister, waiting everything out and such laissez-faire approaches don’t always deliver results, let alone scratch the surface.
My day was originally stacked with one too many strenuous tasks when I woke up today. As soon as I publish this post, I am going to rest up for therapy at 10. That will last til 1 pm. Resting up for climbing tonight will follow that. 4.5-5 hours of work/therapy for today will be enough. #curtsies
This morning’s gym session was called off. Bet, I’ll be there tomorrow morning. #KeepPushing

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  • I killed it at the gym today, August 6th with 40 lb, extensions, 35 lb. hamstring curls and 30 lb. abductor and adductor work!

    Rep counts over 100 on each.

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