REDEDICATED! (and it feels SOO good!)

Actual clearance to throw my cleats back on feels amazing!  Ma’am, I want thank you for breathing life into my subpar performance and mindset to assist me in exhaling all that doubt, fear and everything else that does not serve me!
I’m glad you waited all these years for my tears to dry up!  Telling those clowns to get out of town made me smile waking up today!  We’ll call this the baseline and run it like we’re aiming to score. 
I can’t wait for our hands to touch.  What a rush it is to just imagine seeing your eyes twinkle only when you want them to AND YET all I see are diamonds in your skull.  My soul feels free.  Put your seatbelt on because we’ll be touching the clouds any minute.

Thanks for engaging openly and sharing your energy!

We’re taking flight, Miss Right!  Loosen your fists.  Nothing like that should ever be that tight.  We have the right to connect intellectually, compose literature and call it poetry, open and shut doors, protect our love, cherish chocolates and feel a rush.  Forget the opposition, they’re just sharpening the blade.  We’re on a mission to one day end up kissing.  Stay in your lane because we’re now aligned!  Our connectivity is something others only wish they could find.  NO mo’ hitting rewind, dwelling, second guessing, demoralizing effects from inspectors. 
We’ll be writing checks only our @sses are able to cash.  All this extra influence and effort, save it in a safe.  Go ahead, write an IOU.  Feel amazing cleaning out the closet.  You’re with a boss now and he’s rejoicing he found you.

My Girlfriend, Amber P.!

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