Even More Clarity

Open your eyes. I thought I had been putting things in terms you would recognize on your own. For those still squinting, allow me to draw it in clear lines.
Currently, I raise the bar on myself every single day. The bar has nothing to do with individuals not measuring up, it’s 100% referring to being more critical of your output.
I know I respect myself more for being tough on myself than I do for completing tasks the easiest, most simple/ efficient way that I can.

The whole idea of doing things the simpler, less risky way is great. Especially if you love the shape, state and rank you’re at and in right now. I’ll never ask you or encourage you to do anything outside your comfort zone without first expecting that of myself!

I hope you take the hint, obviously and elevate your stats daily but for the more sensitive to the harsh words, loud bangs and me yelling at the walls, enjoy the silence. I’ll look forward to you letting me how that goes.

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