So today’s initial post was a bit too out there I hear! (Let that go!)
That’s fine. On to the next one!
I’m glad it got me going this morning though. I killed it at the gym! If you’re going to give me any feedback, I’d appreciate it be where I shine.

Before leaving for the gym, I got some self care in! I sunbathed with my shirt off and my shorts rolled up for a good 15 minutes waiting for my ride to get here.

In the past month, my hamstring curl weight alone has jumped 20 lbs. I’m now doing extensions and curls both at 30 lbs. I did 110 leg extensions and 150 hamstring curls. As always I started with 5 minutes or so walking on the treadmill. Heavy bag work was like no other. Very very fluid with both arms.
I finished with at least 6 sets on the preacher bench curls.

Yes, it’s already a scorcher out there but I had the gym itself crying for relief. GET SOME!

Thanks again for the protein and support, Louie, Ty and Ken!

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