Dear JV,

Please excuse today’s pep-talk including some uncensored points and lessons too honest that it rubs you wrong. I am not responsible for your reactions and overreactions from this point out. Thank you.

First, please know these points have been tallied on my clipboard to my dissatisfaction for way too long and I need to create more room for more victories…. Progress FIRST!

Ok, you jokers, (excuse my smile) this team roster looks like it’s about to be filled with a bunch of vacant positions. Lean in, listen. I’ve tried tracing your backstepping, I’ve looked into your wrap sheets and some of you are really letting those minus signs outnumber the pro’s.
We run this team of positivity like a business. The weakest have apparently grown far too comfortable riding others efforts and coattails for way too long. Please excuse yourself if you like to read the truth, deny it and keep up the subpar performance right now.
Hard-knocks have nothing on our hardest workers, they are GOLDEN. I’m the brains of the operations so I don’t have any issue stating my lax regimens might be too easy to get used to. Sorry I’m not sorry. I’m at the forefront of every hole we face together. I would really appreciate not being shoved into that pit every time I drop my guard. Of course, you couldn’t sit on your hands like a good little boy or little girl…

You had to have it your way, throwing hissyfits, treating Coach like dirt. Try learning some mindfulness. Know you can control what you respond to. Being a team player is oftentimes the most crucial part of all of our duties. I’m giving you feedback. I am not criticizing you. I’m doing my best to get us all to the winner’s circle. I’m only one man.

Take notes if nothing else. Please. Now, I might need to leave town for awhile and try to work on my inner peace but definitely take this time off to do some self-reflection. Are you adding to our success as a whole? Are you letting things go? Are you being mindful?
Or, are you nitpicking, creating an uproar over spilled milk, shunning and depriving your plants looking for sunlight so much that they are wilting and dying due to the lack of vital nutrients?

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