Good Morning, Sleepy Head,


It is a somber day of remembrance today.  George Michael and Elton John are singing “Don’t let the sun go down on me” on the tv right now on Amazon Music.
Next.. “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees and Lauryn Hill.  That’s more my mode.  I’m sipping on a caramel roasted java from Starbucks.  I showered a bit ago and my joints feel nice.


I woke up recalling the bliss I missed out on being timid.  “Ma’am…”  I’d love to get tangled in that hair twirling my index finger one stinking time!  I am protruding from this shell metaphorically in my own time.  I won’t whine loud enough empathetic souls hear me or you see me anytime soon so I’ll do my best to carry on this week.  I won’t lose my cool or freak out being accused of seeking your hand in marriage.  I’m erecting my self-induced careless front to save my heart again!


In this past week, I shared all the info I had on how to locate you with a private eye.

I’ll do my best to not geek out, ok?

And of course, I created a page-long nook for his efforts.  The second page of his stage-to-be-lit shares a bit of content related to my EBC’s.  Energy-Based-Cycles may have been uncovered in the past.


Love-bug, what can I call you that’ll inspire you to track me down?  Kinky?  Girl-I’d-like-to-lickey?  Twisted fruits makes shakes that taste good to me.  I pat towels I fold picturing it’s your butt.  What?  I’m cautiously addressing the feats I want to overcome methodically in this timeline of beast-ness.


I am residing in a high-voltage environment.  One step not anticipated gets them wrecking the head of steam I’ve been working on for weeks.  Say cheese, you frauds calling me out for being sweet!

I’m packing meat.  Get back in the seat and buckle up.  It’ll all hurt periodically until you drink some wine.  It’s time!  I make you mine!


I’d love you to be my wife, honey.  T. R. Y explaining the games.  Hide and seek doesn’t do either of us any good.  I’m already writing souls that won’t write me back.  I’m feeling less bad about that today!  I want to lay next to you and just hold your hand.  Maybe I’ll move yours to my chest so you can feel my heartbeat.  I’ve tried everything else, sending bouquets, writing symphonies, and creating art.  Do you think of me at all?  Do you tear up hearing my name too?  I better let this go to stay focused.  Reach out!  Soon!  Bae!

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