(Loving somebody IS supporting Them)

God, Thank You for loving me through all my recent ups and downs. I need you. I woke up today flicking some meditation music on. That got me out of bed. It’s only 5:15 in the morning right now. We just talked as I prayed. Thanks for listening.
I’m doing my best to not dwell. You know all about that stuff. This post here is going to remind me I’m not alone. It’s surreal just feeling you around me. Having somebody that will listen to my deepest hurts without judging me and staring me down is precious. I’m so glad I can be there to give thanks and praise your name. There are way too many skeletons in my closet to even start listing my moments of doubt.

Thank You, especially for the team of humans here doing their best to see me come out on top. Go ahead and send those seeking love and support my way. Please help me overcome my hesitations opening up and seeking reciprocity. Help me find the goodness in all people and help me have enough determination to hold onto the Hope that they will endure my moments of weakness to show me their hearts pump too.

It felt really nice to hear my top-notch speech therapist say I am doing great. I should have some OT this morning. This week is going to wrap up this bout of in-home therapies for me. I woke up too early today. Let’s see it tomorrow I get a full battery’s worth of charge, Mk? Thanks! 😊


  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    Beautiful Kyle I’m going to send you a video I want you to look at it it’s about a profit this guy’s name is Ross and I want you to look at what he saying about the Democrats or liberal Democrats I want to look

  • Steve Keech

    Very good and positive, very inspirational good job

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