Granted.. I will admit I am selfish. I am impatient. I am undeserving. I’m starting this week’s post just now getting home from Worship. I am so Thankful Jesus knows me. He knows most of my sins are just vulnerabilities irrationally reacted to. Today’s sermon talked about God wanting to impress upon us that preaching and sharing His Word is what He wants. I am going to do that. More so than ever before from this point out.

I woke up today reminding myself the darkest dark often comes right before the light. Yes, I feel these incremental struggles and pains I acknowledge these days are a distraction. I feel great. I regret many of my faults, inconsistencies and tendencies, but I know my RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ erases all the heartache and guilt.

Relief from these impasses would be great but I am more capable than ever right now to handle everything and anything!   Affirm it! In Jesus Christ I stride.

Listen to God. Create a relationship with Him so you can hear Him. Do it for you.
Keeping on the straight and narrow doesn’t always come as easy as you think it should. Know that you are getting inflicted to such degree because YOU CAN HANDLE IT!

I wrote down earlier that I feel I’m on the edge of the next breakthrough coming my way! The projectors at Worship had the word “Breakthrough” emitting from them and big enough on the screen to see easily.
I have cut people off. I have doomed certain momentum. I’ve cried. I handed all of that over to God this morning. I am no longer subject to distain or resistance causing me to second guess myself. God is with me and anybody who isn’t, is on the wrong side of the equation.

These arms are open. I don’t blame you for being scared and running the other way, FRIENDS! Fear has censored many MANY passions and emotions of mine. I’ve even denied and retracted honest gestures. Haha, enough said. Have a great week!



    Needless Stress
    I’m scared to be myself a majority of the time. This, I feel is a direct result of those around me/ working with me liking to change the rules all the time.
    Something that would majorly help me there is everybody getting on the same frkn page. I can’t make one of you happy without the others crying and instilling fear in me that if I make myself happy and follow through, I’ll go to jail. I’m looking for you to step up your game and put my interests first AND stop making me feel like a villain/ predator. That’s all. I better stop for words I say and type ruin people’s lives. Keep at it, stay static.

    PS BTW, that count to three and pull the trigger method of dealing with fear led me here.

  • Don’t Flake
    – Listen, I am not my strongest 100% of the time. If I vent or get what I’ve been holding in out it’s probably because you told me to.

    If we do not see each other or speak to date it’s probably because you moved on and or left. It takes attitude and strength to function at your best in my environment. I don’t blame you for not sticking it out. I thought you would but I guess I gave you too much credit. Thanks for everything and understanding. ✌🏻

  • Hike! Ya my RELATIONSHIP STATUS is irrelevant in my book. I’m single. I tingle when girls say hi and propose just being friends. Y’all know I’m already sweating bullets. I’m kinging my domain and I am HOPING I find a girl willing to build me up, shut her eyes when I’m dead wrong and give me that little nudge when I’m nearing the right course of action, just off a bit.
    I’m sick in some individuals eyes. I’m forging my own path and just hoping ours cross soon.
    I forgive my irregular tendencies often cause I’m smart. I can’t forget my missteps as easy but that’s not for me to worry about. You dig?

    I don’t give myself much credit because as flawless as I move, I get scared and overreact all the frkn time. Write me. Let’s meet.

  • Steve Keech

    Good inspirational to start the week thank you

  • “I’m telling you if I’m not made comfortable talking to and/or about you, I’m not diving head before feet into an abyss of unwarranted feelings I’d never feel back. I’m not even going to say it’s energy borrowed from any of you without getting beaten over the head for being the best version of a man any of you could ever even imagine.

    I’m in my own lane and I’m loving the mistakes that led me to… who ever doesn’t see the gains has their eyes taped shut. I meant to say I’ll keep your face pocketed in my knickers over my heart. I told you my love would never fade. Have a gooood day. 💋”

  • Haha, I laughed this week when I was told I probably share too much. See recent posts, I’ve been at this “vulnerability-rate”/ openness for going on 6+ years. Yes, much of my content is forced but I’m not afraid to say I have nothing to hide. DOT DOT DOT, you should see my walls!

  • Sidenote: IF AND WHEN I share any or all posts with you, it is strictly to intentionally TRY TO GET SOME FEEDBACK from you!

    I cherish constructive criticism and “praise.”

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