Renewed and Refreshed

Boo-Yaa!!!  Talk about Hulk-like..  Yesterday, day one of trying the next level difficulty wall at READING ROCKS could not have gone better.  An old friend of mine met Sam and I there and she could not have come on a better day.
Impressing staff is really saying something.  That’s all I’m saying.  4 x’s up super quick, 4 descents very controlled… blah blah blah.

Reading Rocks is already on the GYMS-IBK page (!  Check ’em out!
Definitely NOTE the Renew The Rocks button at the bottom of  You might need to log into PayPal to actually donate, but I’m working on getting that working better and accepting all forms of transactions.


They are in the process of collecting funds to resurface the rocks.  Don’t worry most if not all discarded rocks are going to my new house design and…  “CHECK and MATE!”
I’ve mentioned the fundraising page we provide ( but that’s something we will never do, pressure gyms, gym rats and families into taking advantage of the resources we offer.


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