Last Notice

Ok, focus. Wow, I truly guess integrity gets a red check in your book. Forgive me perseverating.

I’m getting it out early, before I even get out of bed today. Don’t say I didn’t make it clear that I’d use the energy to propel myself forward.


– Inappropriate fondness would have included obvious butt kissing and letting EVERYTHING SLIDE.

Maturity, note this, in my head WOULD look a lot like me keeping my distance and CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZING/ suggesting/sharing ways to up your game.

My head IS up. Thanks for letting shaky vulnerability turn you off and getting you to run for the hills. SHREK!

Oh, believe me, my door is still open because I promised I was in it for the long haul. These coal and sandskrit eyes are forming diamonds just seeing the number of octagonal lines multiply.

HA, next time you write the rulebook in your favor, remind yourself to breathe and not take sh*t so seriously.

What do you do when someone else’s inconsistency adds a pause to your life? You get it out and tell them where you’ve noted them slipping. Riiight?

“The most HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE thing I ever did was keep an unopened pack of Cherry Lipmackers visibly obvious on the counter we worked together at.”


I wish some people would learn to read the writing on my walls and the messages I share with the world before accusing me of not treating them correctly. Respect goes both ways, honey.

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