It’s Saturday, yo!  What’s the plan!?

I’m a bit tired of waiting for flight attendants to wave me in!  Sorry, June!  You know how to reach me.  To be abundantly clear, my headset has been rejected, reassembled and not replaced.  I have nobody’s direct contact. 
If anyone is still “in the building” and sees a workable scenario for our reunification, I’m all ears!  Mary, Clarice, Amber..

I’m over here choking on coffee grounds.  I’m the coach.  I do not want to erase you from the roster.  Your tardiness is sickening but I can’t eliminate the past.  I put work in trying to explain myself and that can’t be undone.  I’ll wear all that unused, unreciprocated, and disrespected effort as a badge of honor.

Get ready, women!  Sprints, drills, water breaks, calisthenics, stretching the door to fit me through, that’s all in short order!

Take your vitamins, drink protein, and stretch out this WHOLE next week!  I’ll see you ladies in 7 days!  Have a great week!

Today at the gym, help shifting my weight definitely helped my legs advance. Thanks for the help, Dad!

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