Locked and Loaded

You can bet the realization that my ambition in other words amounts to the ammunition I bring to every fight I face is of such significance that the smile on my face sees no reason to ever let up. 
Too wordy for you?  Good.  This past weekend and memorable past, I’ll tell you has done nothing but raised the bar on me.  Brainstorming, I’ve concluded just that, every single ambition I feel inside and have noted since day one has and are adding up to the pocket full of rocket fuel that’s getting me by.

“Next Chapter” is a term I have been paying special attention to.  From Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy to this, this 6-month time frame I’m currently gliding through has given me so much motivation, direction and energy that I’m surprised I’m keeping up and maintaining pace.

Saturday, 4-13 is a day that’ll go down in history in my books.  See the featured Instagram post to get a sneak peek at what has me hype!  My friend Salome P. is already a Champ.  She is 13 years old and her ambitions now resembling mine and those of the boxing world I’ve hacked my way into these last few years is the most spectacular, un-matched, ambitious thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Get this, I’m even using the idea of her foreseen success to wildly level my focus and intent up.  I’ll save all the “self-fulfilling prophecy” jargon and acknowledgement for another time.  She has this year’s schoolwork and studies to get through yet, but her mother ALREADY being on board with me training her come summertime is unparalleled to say the least.  Adding words like fighter-management, athletic training  and promotions to my resume does sound like the NEXT CHAPTER to me!

In the near future, I’ll be doing my part and adding this content and momentum to my page, KyleKeech.org and creating a personal page for/ helping Salome and her family create her page.  Having so many contacts in the field and related arena excites me for her even more.  Feedback I’ve already gotten from that one post tells me she will be seeing championships and champs, leaders and winners in her corner from her debut.

King’s Boxing Gym, located in Reading, Pa that my friend Marshall Kauffman and company runs is a perfect example of potential local support I see greatly adding to Salome’s success.  See their site (http://kingsboxing.com/) itself states that they see the sport of boxing as a way to help amateur and professional boxers alike feel good about themselves, helping them gain confidence and pride in themselves.

It’s so GREAT that my ambitions are responsible for my refueling my tank too!
Have a GREAT WEEK!  I am looking forward to Salome taste-testing and trying one of my new Protein Balls too!

LEARN MORE AT: KyleKeech.com/KPB

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