Shortcuts? SMH


UHM, no. IF you make things too easy, I’m already uncomfortable. Things take time. Yaa, I draw things out. Have you not noticed that reading my posts!?

Things happening too quickly, too easy or them being handed to me makes me hesitant. Don’t judge me. Please.
This alone has frustrated certain people I’m sure. I’m one for reaping the rewards after a hard day of yard work has been done, I’ve prepared the barbecue pit and handled all the inside and outside chores by myself. Old school chivalry, flattery and brut force are snapped in my holster.

I am a gentle man. My recognition and devotion to Jesus Christ I’m sure is respected by all who truly see the real me. Talking things out helps brah. People making things too simple without assuring me that it’s intentional, makes me feel like I’ve cheated. Without the go ahead to enjoy myself, pig out and embrace the walls being dropped, I’ll stay fearful of the follow up. Are you kidding me?

Rules being broken is not how I get in the house. I am nervous about ramifications constantly. I’m working on that. Trust helps. Open communication adds to my trust levels. I have that taped to every wall in my house.
Ya, not talking things out to learn others hopes and intent makes my insecurities flare like a flashbulb flickering. Too bad my true thoughts are not posted on MY BLOG weekly huh? Too bad I am a bit too informative about how I feel about certain subjects and those who want to see the real me have yet to sign up on the mailing list on my site and get my open hearted attempts to share love delivered to THEIR PERSONAL inbox.
(Brushing My Shoulders Off!)


Oh, more notes worth printing out and taping to your walls include the bar being raised this week. Doubling my in-home cog therapy session-time STARTS the list!
I AM READY! I’m looking forward to writing a BIG CHECK besides that itemized item on my list!

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  • Good writing Kyle! Always keep progressing
    New doors opening all the time !
    Keep pushing !!

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