Dear World,

Excuse the raspi-ness in my voice..  Go ahead and exhale all the frustrations and feelings of despair you’ve felt up until now.  Y’all need to control what you can, and know your mindset is not anybody’s responsibility but yours!  I’ll wait. 
Whenever you weaklings come to again, I want you to NOTE:  Nobody is going to do it for you, carry you on their shoulders indefinitely or fill the void not progressing as quickly as you want to creates in your lives.  I’d establish a legitimate ROLL CALL if more of you would step up to the plate and:  STOP LETTING EVERYTHING OFFEND YOU, STOP CALLING IT A DAY WHEN YOU FEEL THINGS CATCHING UP TO YOU, STOP USING EXCUSES, OWN YOUR DISPOSITION AND KEEP PUSHING!

Today.. to advance in life, fulfill my aspirations, add to my potential and stick to the plan, I’ll be putting together 2-3 trays of HOMEMADE PROTEIN BALLS using the Brand-New can of Protein (BodyLean25) that I ordered from my online store ( last week!
(I AM ready to see increased output plus better intake yield better results!)

I am very happy to know I am STILL following through with my goals!  Today’s status, current conditioning, ambition and attitude are all adding up to break the glass ceiling.  “Bet,” I am not where I want to be yet but I do not see any walls unscalable before me!  The momentum I sense in my limbs feels like it’s dusting athletes and quote unquote those “Hercules” who  discredit the weaker, more timid, subpar, less-ambitious and tired creatures that crawl on this earth.

Get off the emotional rollercoaster you’ve been stuck on!  Dictate your own reality!  I’ve shared all the tools I offer to get ahead countless times.  THIS BENCHMARK will count as the entry to a whole new world.  A world of advancement, continued growth, unseen hurdles getting leaped over and a great first page of a new chapter in my life!

Below, you see a digital stat I created months ago!  That’s nothing!  It is my left (non-dominant) bicep flexing and I feel confident sharing for I know that stat is a foundational display of strength, muscle growth, determination and results!

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