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Keep Talking

Talk about teamwork, productivity and goals being met.. this past Saturday, I can’t even explain how good it made me feel to say I was a huge contributor to the work we got done at the family cabin. 5-K Kamp has really come a ways.
6 full hours escorting firewood, chopped lumber, and protective fencing to the freshly planted saplings, hints to what my workload consisted of.

Check out those pictures. That makeshift rearview mirror really enabled my capacity driving and tested my “subliminal ability” to parallel park every daunting hardship that came at me.
Networking, yea I could brush off the getaway as a work trip…  but that would be a bit too self serving, I think.

Either way, this weekend fits well into the life I created for myself like a missing puzzle piece. Take notes reading through the Project: Recovery page people. Design your life like you want it to go.
-Remember this all follows the amazing Philadelphia Union game Shawn, from the friends page and I went to last week.
#WorkTripIBK 🙂


Not that anybody’s counting, but considering current wages and rough guesstimates:

Saturday, June 25, 2016 –
6 hours($15/hr.) = $90.00


IMG_0126 IMG_0128 IMG_0130     IMG_0139

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