There has been a lot of controversy about these GREEN ROOMS in this presidential season wouldn’t you say? (HA, yea who cares right?) Anyways. the room I head to after I get ready for the day in the morning “my safe room” 😛 has a green chair/ recliner in it. For reasons of this post it’s gonna’ be referred to as MY GREEN ROOM. This morning, before I even showered, I MARCHED into the back office we now call my workout room. It’s kind of cool, we hung a giant mirror low.. actually just leaned it against a chair so I could actively watch/ stare at my legs while doing my STANDING TOLERANCE SETS. That helps! (NOTE THIS) Seeing yourself do things, watching your body and noting what needs more attention DEFINITELY allows you to FOCUS your attention, energy and strength.

Ya, I get it, I already wrote today off as a rest day on Facebook. FOR YOUR INFORMATION THOUGH.. You should already know that…
“REST DAYS, what are they?”
“Even REST DAYS include pushing the limits.”
“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
“I told you these HOME WORKOUT ROUTINES were gonna get abused.”

We’ll just call it a rest day so we don’t cognitively burn ourselves out ok? #Mindovermatter

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