8/21 – DAY 1

8/21 – DAY 1

Alright, the clock is already ticking.  It’s 9am and I’m locked and loaded, planning my next move.  YESTERDAY, I decided to start this week doing LEGS.  That’s perfect in a few senses.

One, it allows me to rationalize even more the usefulness of taking advantage of the STARTER ROUTINE page!

(“Find something that excites you and take it to the next level” – IBK)

Just Look – CLICK FOR ACCESS – Our starter routine can now be found under the IN THE GYM tab.  That page sets and assigns sets of 3 target exercises you should make sure are already covered in your routines.  Remember JOINING OUR TRAINING TEAM gives you access to over 250 guided exercises! (http://teamibk.trainerize.com/)

The links to Days 2 through Day 4 are ACTIVE LINKS to playlists on MY YOUTUBE CHANNELYouTube channel.  Include a message in your APPLICATION reminding me to and I’ll give you a WEEK FREE!


Again, shout out to our buddy, Thomas Lamanna! 



Thomas LaManna retires from boxing after winning the WBC Silver Latino Welterweight title. #keeppushing

We are always happy to share and acknowledge SUCCESS!



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