Operation:  Break The Mold (BTM)

Let me guess..  What others say and do does not seem to work for you.  You just can’t get ahead or feel fulfilled doing things that don’t feel right.  “Their ways of doing things” do not align with your passions, motivations or callings.  AND you are tired of putting yourself in those uncomfortable situations to only be discouraged by lack of results, lack of understanding, lack of being heard and listened to, only to find yourself at the bottom of the totem pole every single time.

Nobody seems to see you struggling either, do they?  Self Help books are great for readers.  You’ve tried that.  Reading hurts your eyes or makes you sleepy, right?
Tell me about it!

You know your intentions are good, but it’s a circus full of illusions of great success and oddly shaped mirrors to make you feel bad about yourself out there.
Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games…  I wishhhh.

Let’s take a new approach “Velma.”  Let’s rewire this infrastructure others consider dormant.  Let’s put our best foot forward and sing praises for every roadblock and setback sharpening our spear.  Let’s “just” talk about it and clear the air.

“It’s been a minute.  This probably should have happened a minute ago..”  Let the daggers they throw stop midair and hurl themselves back at the thrower moving at mach 5.  Let’s decide to just ride and then rise.  Continue having high standards for communicating openly, not keeping secrets and being a clear reflection of the effort you feel. 

Let’s not dwell over simple sh!t.  Let’s let those fighting to get out of their own way, go.  It’s not our fault they seem to close their eyes to the love, effort and energy WE put into everything we do.  Stand tall.  Ball.  Stop banging your head against every wall you come across,  Emit a love so blinding all they can do is stare with their mouths hanging wide open!  Feel free to yell at me.  Get it tf out of your system.  Nervous energy can be terrifying.  Just wear that as a hat.

Notebooks out! Pencils sharpened! Start writing! You have 5 minutes to jot down whatever is going on inside your of head so we can proceed distraction free!

Feel free to utilize the Project Recovery Guide!