Operation:  Break The Mold (BTM)


My thoughts right now revolve around potential.  You have another interview today, working towards landing a job.  Let’s hope that goes well.  Hopefully you show the right people you mean business.  In my head, I would hope you’d be open to lending me some of your attributes and strengths to bolster my offers until things fall into place elsewhere. 

Aesthetics:  Check!
Motivation:  Check!
Being an example of dedication:  Check!

Documented Peer-Workouts, Motivational Clips, Intentional Endorsements, Potential Podcasts and Coaching Clips
I already have the nutrition line and sponsorships in place.
Worrying about that should be at the bottom of the list.
Promoting signing up on the mailing list at KyleKeech.com and watching the 5 minute and 55 second tour at LiveGoodTour.com/kylekeech1 is all we’ll need to do.
Pre-enrolling on ^ is completely free!

Ideally, simply sharing this page is all you would have to do!